Priority attention to the public realm remains as important to the vision of Granville Island’s future as it has been to its past success. The emphasis on attractive public spaces throughout the Island, respect for attention to the historic character of the Island’s built environment, and preservation of a pedestrian-friendly streetscape have been and should continue to be crucial ingredients in the attraction of 
the Island as a public place. The Granville Island 2040 vision is to protect and revitalize these defining elements of the public realm, which together make Granville Island a much loved “people place” in the heart of the city.

Key Actions

  • Create a central plaza at the heart of the Island
  • Over time, reallocate areas of surface parking with public spaces at the west and east ends of the Island
  • Naturalize the south shore of Alder Bay
  • Create new waterfront opportunities
  • Promote environmental and urban sustainability

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