Despite Granville Island’s central location, transportation access can be challenging. Partly due to poor transit connections, too many visitors access the Island by single occupant vehicle, which contributes to traffic congestion and an auto-dominated pedestrian experience. In order to improve the Island’s current transportation issues, a multidimensional strategy to transform access to the Island is envisioned. The proposed strategy aims to increase the number of visitors to the Island, while shifting the primary mode of travel from private automobiles to transit, bicycle, ferry, and walking.

Key Actions

  • Work with partners to increase public transit, pedestrian, cycle and ferry access to the Island
  • Create a “complete street” at Anderson Street, designed to be safe and inviting for users of all ages and abilities
  • Develop a parking management strategy that will improve parking conditions
  • Explore the feasibility of an elevator from the Granville Street Bridge to the heart of Granville Island
  • Create a new pedestrian/cycle bridge across Alder Bay

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