The Public Market is the most visited destination at Granville Island. Research shows that as much as the 
Public Market is a major draw, visitors believe that it needs higher quality foods, more local and sustainable products, and more public seating and other amenities. The Market is also the economic engine for Granville Island, 
with rental revenue from the Public Market providing financial support for the Island’s highly valued arts and cultural activities. The strategy outlined here aims to re-establish Granville Island as Vancouver’s leading food destination and as an international centre of innovation in culinary arts.

Key Actions

  • Expand the Public Market to create space for new food stalls and public amenities
  • Create a Market District by providing more Market uses in adjacent buildings and sites
  • Expand the Market offerings in areas such as sustainable food, local food production and processing, and innovative culinary arts and programming
  • Activate the Market in the evenings

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