2040 Project Update: Emerging Design Ideas

Phase One of the Granville Island 2040 planning process is now complete and Phase Two is well underway. In Phase One, the Planning Team identified an emerging vision and a series of emerging design ideas for the Granville Island 2040 Plan. During Phase Two, the team will be gathering public and stakeholder feedback to refine and shape these ideas.

Emerging Vision

Granville Island is an island of public possibility. It respects the past and nurtures new experiments in creativity and sustainable place-making. It supports arts, artisans and uniquely local enterprises. It welcomes everyone and instills pride and joy in all Vancouverites and Canadians.

Emerging Design Ideas

To learn more about the Emerging Design Ideas, click on each of the categories below. The Legend will help you navigate the maps.


Movement & Connection 

Public Space & Creativity 

Environmentally Self-Sustaining 

Governance & Culture 

Site Specific