Art Smash: Granville Island’s celebration of art in public spaces.

Granville Island announces its newest project, ART SMASH, a celebration of visual art in public spaces. For its inaugural year, Granville Island has been working with the team from Vancouver Mural Festival to bring together 10 artists to create new murals that will transform our newest public space, the Chain and Forge, into a vibrant outdoor art gallery. Located in the center of Granville Island, these large-scale art works will be free and accessible for everyone to view and enjoy. At the heart of the installation, painted on the pillars of the Granville Street Bridge, will be a monumental work of art designed by Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow. Other participating artists include Ruben Sanchez, an international artist visiting from Spain, and local artists, Sandeep Johal, JNasty, James Harry, Lauren Brevner, Eric Louie, Kari Kristensen, Victoria Scieczka, and KC Hall. These new works will join Granville Island’s existing murals previously created by local artist, Ola Volo and the international artist team, OSGEMEOS, from Brazil.
Starting May 1st, artists will be onsite painting throughout the day. Come down and watch as the murals gradually emerge, transforming blank walls into pieces of art.

May 12th, 1-9pm, join us for a big street-style party. A full day event with live mural creation, a continuous stream of music by local DJ artists, Nick Wisdom, INNEZZ, Nancy Dru and Marc Gerrard, local craft breweries, food trucks, interactive fun and performances by the Vancouver Street Dance Festival community.

Add some shimmer to your style at the Sparkle Station: Free glitter and face art by Jena Jac, hula hoopers and a few freestyling dancers.

A free and public event. Tag us on social: #artsmash2018

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