View of Granville Street Bridge

Announcement: Additional Granville Island 2040 Consultants Announced

Michael Stevenson, Special Advisor, CMHC, Granville Island 2040, has announced the following additions to the team of consultants planning the future vitality and sustainability of Granville Island:

Peter Joyce—Bunt & Associates Engineering

Peter Joyce, Principal, Bunt and Associates, will lead an experienced team working on transportation issues.

“Bunt & Associates is not only Vancouver’s acknowledged leader in transport planning, engineering, and research, but also among the leaders in their field across Western Canada,” said Dr. Stevenson. “They are the ideal partner for the Granville Island 2040 project due to their extensive past involvement in transport planning for Granville Island. They will be building on and replicating past data gathering and analysis.”

Michael A. Goldberg

Dr. Michael A. Goldberg is a private consultant, chair and member of major public institution boards, and Professor and Dean Emeritus of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He will be responsible for research and analysis of the economics, management, and governance of Granville Island.

Dr. Stevenson commented: “It is a pleasure to be working with Michael A. Goldberg, who is a distinguished urban economist, an intellectual leader on wider urban and community development issues, and someone with wide experience of management and governance in public and not-for-profit institutions.”